Bloomfield Falls

The picturesque Bloomfield Falls are situated just upstream from the bridge and community of Wujal Wujal.

The road terminates at the carpark and a path follows the river for some 300mtrs to the best vantage point.

Swimming should not be undertaken as the presence of crocodiles is a distinct possibility.

The Walker family operate an informative tour to the falls where you learn much about the history and culture of the area.

Bookings can be arranged.

Roaring Meg Falls

The Roaring Meg falls are located in the ranges behind Bloomfield.
The drive takes 1 hr and 4WD is required, with some creek crossings along the way.

Rich in both Indigenous and European history the area offers stunning mountain views and changes in the vegetation from open forest to dense rainforest.

Swimming is great upstream from the Meg Falls car-park, however care should be taken as strong currents can exist.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to cross the river at the top of the falls, as there have been fatality's in the past at this point.

Take a tour or self drive to Yindilli Camp where guided tours of the area by local traditional owner CJ Fisher can be arranged.


There are a number of beautiful creeks in the area where you can enjoy the cool breezes created by the water.
Swimming is possible. However, make sure you check with us first as crocodiles inhabit some of these!!