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Bloomfield Escape is a short walk to the beach, a short drive to the river and a short boat ride to the reef and offshore tropical islands. In short, it’s where you want to be when you want to see some of the most alluring, natural drawcards of this region. This is remote country. Its diverse and finely balanced ecosystem provides habitat for an array of plants and animals, and one of the best ways to see it is by boat. Whether you’re interested in exploring, fishing or visiting the nearby reef and islands, we’ve got you covered at Bloomfield Escape.


A full day trip which takes you down the river and out to sea, visiting fringing reefs and the local island. Lots of time to relax, explore and enjoy this beautiful location, above and below the water.

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Recreational fishing trips tailored to suit your interests and the prevailing conditions. There’s nothing better than bringing the catch of the day back to the cabin and cooking it for family / friends that night.

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What a way to spend half a day. Cruise around the beautiful Bloomfield River on a guided tour, learning about the European history of the area, resident crocodiles and some of the interesting geographic features.

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Hire one of our two 4.1m polycraft vessels and explore the beautiful Bloomfield River at your leisure. Maximum 4 people in the boat. We can arrange an esky. Hire is for daylight hours only. You need a boat license.

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The Bloomfield River is a short drive from Bloomfield Escape and is a real rainforest river. It starts in the Great Diving Range and ends in the Coral Sea; along the way there’s waterfalls, islands, mangroves and more.

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This is wild, remote country and a place where you can really connect with nature and enjoy the serenity. From the bush beach at Weary Bay, to the offshore islands and fringing reefs, there’s so much to see and do.

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Boating & Fishing Activities

The beautiful Bloomfield River, surrounded by rainforest with a small system of mangroves, flows out into the Coral Sea with its Great Barrier Reef and offshore, tropical islands. One of the best ways to explore it all is on the water and you’re welcome to bring your own boat, hire one of ours or book a guided river, or reef and island tour with Bloomfield Escape.

We’re small on numbers and big on experience. You don’t need to be a guest to come boating with us.

If you want to hire a boat, then we have two polycraft vessels available, but please note you must stay on the river and not take them to sea. We do half day guided river tours as well as full day reef and island tours. The emphasis is always on having a great day and we customize our itineraries to suit your wishes and maximise your experience.

Please note advance bookings are essential for all Bloomfield Escape boating and fishing activities. For more information contact us on (07) 4060 8346 or


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