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The beautiful Bloomfield River is yours to explore with our exclusive boat hire. Do a bit of croc spotting or just take in the scenery. The river is navigable on a high tide from the river mouth right up to the new bridge at Wujal Wujal. We have two 4.1m polycraft available for day hire. They are very stable in the water and have a canopy for sun protection. We launch and retrieve them for you. Too easy. Advance bookings essential call (07) 4060 8346 or bloomfieldescape@bigpond.com



We might be biased, but we think this is the prettiest river in Queensland. It’s a real rainforest river, which rises in the Great Dividing Range, flows down the mountains and ravines before spilling out into the Coral Sea at Weary Bay. The banks are lined with rainforest and there’s a small mangrove system which is in pristine condition. In the ‘wet’ season (summer) the river can rise up to 5m pretty quickly and all year round, it provides habitat for crocodiles, eels, turtles, crabs and many different varieties of fish.

A Great Way To Relax

There’s nothing better than cruising around the Bloomfield River. When you hire a boat with us, it’s for the day. We have a flat rate which is $100 per boat, plus petrol costs. We launch it into the river for you and retrieve it when you are done. A full safety and equipment briefing is provided before you set out on your way. Each boat takes a maximum of four people. We can arrange an esky, water and ice.

You do not have to be a guest at Bloomfield Escape to hire one of our boats, but if you are guest, best to book in early to avoid disappointment. Please note you do need a boat license to hire one of our polycraft.

What are some of the highlights of exploring the Bloomfield River? Apart from the crocodile spotting, there’s lots of other wildlife you might see including sea eagles, turtles and numerous species of fish. There’s usually a lovely breeze on the river and it’s just a great way to really relax and disconnect from the stress of the every day. Please note the boats can only be hired and used during daylight hours: there is no night or overnight hire available. Advance bookings are essential. Call (07) 4060 8346 or bloomfieldescape@bigpond.com


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